Tray Sealer Machine VOLVAC E30

The fully automatic traysealer E30 has been developed in accordance with the design of traysealers. Machine dimensions are 917x2890x1765 h mm. It can pack between 360-480 cyle and 720-960 per hour. Pump capacity is 100 and 150 m³. The top film wrap is 460 mm wide. It can process 2 pieces of 190x144x80 plate molds used as a standard side by side.

The fully automatic bowl sealing machine E30 is the model that is ordered by customers, which is generally recommended for mass production vacuum packaging processes. It is a very useful model thanks to its normal and large dimensions due to the large number of products to be vacuumed.

    Warranty 3 YEARS
    Pump Capacity 150 m³ / h (7 kW)
    Cycle 3 - 10 cycle/minute
    Product Capacity 360 packages/hour - 1.200 packages/hour
    Pneumatic System SMC
    Electric Switch OPAŞ
    Control Board VOLVAC touch panel (DELTA)
    Blok Piston 160 x 180 steel alloy piston
    Chassis Series 7000S aluminum chassis series
    Warranty2 YEARS
    Pump Capacity105 m³ / h (5.5 kW)
    Cycle2 - 10 cycle/minute
    Product Capacity240 packages/hour - 1.200 packages/hour
    Pneumatic SystemPEMAKS
    Electric SwitchOPAŞ
    Control BoardVOLVAC touch panel (DELTA)
    Blok Piston125 x 180 steel alloy piston
    Chassis Series7000 aluminum chassis series
    Machine Dimensions 900 x 2890 x 1830 h mm
    Weight 590 kg
    Film Wrap with encoder system
    Top Film Width 460mm
    Security System IP63 protection class
    Gas Kit current
    Memory Capacity 99 pieces
    Air Consumption (1 cycle) 35 liters
    Vacuum Value 0.1 mbar
    Pneumatic Feed 16 NI/6-8 bars
    Power 36A-400v 50Hz
    kW 5.5 kW
    Certificate CE
    External Pattern stainless steel AISI304
    Cleaning design that provides completely hygienic cleaning convenience
    Security System safety switch available
    Movie Playback System SERVO motor
    Emergency Stop Button #1 product loading area (1 item)
    Emergency Stop Button #2 control panel protection (1 pc)
    Lifting Unit pneumatically driven die lifting system
    Container Unit easy to change
    Clue Valve pressure controlled
    Residue Unit specially designed
    Vacuum Sensor current
    Temperature Control System current
    Container Emptying Station current
    Cut & Paste Station current

    95 x 125 mm3 pieces
    190 x 144 mm2 pieces
    227 x 178 mm2 pieces
    325 x 265 mm1 piece